How to choose the right stepper motor?

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How to choose the right stepper motor?

There are many different types of stepper motors, so when selecting one, you should consider the corresponding characteristics in light of your requirements. Check out this blog for additional information.

According to different classification methods, stepper motors can be divided into various types. Therefore, it is inevitable to encounter problems when choosing a stepping motor. How can you choose the right one from many types of stepping motors?

  • Torque. Torque is the torque when the rated current is applied to the windings and the motor is not spinning.
  • Drive method. The performance of stepper motors varies depending on how they are driven. Generally, the bipolar drive is suitable for low-speed and high-torque loads, and the unipolar drive is suitable for high-speed drive.
  • Drive voltage. The driving voltage is the input voltage of the driver, which is related to the use environment of the machine. Using different voltages, the performance of the stepper motor is also different.
  • Dimensions. Improperly sized stepper motors can create many problems. The small size of the motor can lead to overheating, poor motor performance. The excessive size will cause it to operate louder and generate electromagnetic interference, resulting in economic losses.

Types of Step Motors

There are many structural forms and classification methods of stepper motors, such as reaction type, permanent magnet type, and mixed magnetic type according to the structure. According to the number of phases, it can be divided into single-phase, two-phase, three-phase, and multi-phase forms.

Structure of stepper motors

Stepper motors are generally composed of front and rear covers, bearings, central shafts, rotor cores, stator cores, stator components, corrugated washers, screws and other parts. Typically, a wire wound in a loop is called a solenoid, while in a motor, the wire wound around the slots of the stator is called a winding, coil, or phase.


There are many kinds of stepping motors, so when choosing a stepping motor, you need to look at the corresponding parameters according to your needs and choose a stepping motor that is suitable for your use. If you have any questions, you can always contact us to help you solve them.

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