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Lunyee Group is an outstanding manufacturer in the field of miniature linear stepper motors, dedicated to creating excellent linear motion solutions, products are widely used in medical equipment, laboratory instruments, communications, semiconductors, automation, textiles and other needs precision linear motion in the application

  • Closed loop stepper motor
  • Rotary stepper motor
  • Ball screw stepper motor
  • Customized production
About Us
Lunyee Group

Focusing on industry solutions, focusing on high efficiency and energy saving, and continuously developing various special stepping motor products according to the requirements of equipment technology, it has the characteristics of powerful functions, high control accuracy, good compatibility, and easy operation, and is widely used in machine tools, building materials, Metallurgy, packaging, printing, electronics, chemical, paper, textile and other industries.


Lunyee Group has a R&D team of more than 20 people, equipped with CAD&CAE software system, and completes product design and development work efficiently and accurately.


With high-precision mold and parts injection molding technology, all core components are produced by the company, and more than 80% of the processes are realized through automation.

Stepper Motor Manufacturer Supplier

After years of development and precipitation, Lunyee Group has won high recognition from customers and the market. Lunyee Group will work harder to help Made in China go out better!

Rich production experience

With high-precision mold and parts injection molding technology, all core components are produced by the company

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The mission of Lunyee: To drive the global small and medium manufacturing industry with professionalism
Lunyee's vision: Let the world enjoy Chinese manufacturing

We adhere to the principle of being customer-centric and responding quickly to customer needs. Through diversified channels, professional technology, excellent quality, accurate delivery time, and perfect after-sales service, we provide customers with humanized comprehensive services, which are favored by many customers. Sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better future.

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Best Awarded Company
  • Best Awarded Company

    Focus on motor and driver production R&D

Stepper Motor Business Team

Martha Liu

Business Manager

Stepper Motor Business Team

Jessica Cui


Stepper Motor Business Team

Ashely Fu


Stepper Motor Business Team

Bronny Yang


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